Monday, June 22, 2009

Stock Market Update - June 22, 2009

So much for any strength today based on the indicators. They are now very oversold ... however they can stay oversold. Here is a picture of the Hourly chart of the Dow. The price indicator has moved back down (this is a measure of a price cycle).

We had a 93% down volume today ... but as large of a drop we had today it was not a distribution day (price was lower than the previous session but the volume was not higher than Friday's session). We did have an outflow of just under $1.4 billion for the US DJ Total Market. The volume indicator above is moving closer to some type of bottom and the money flow indicator is moving to a bottom. Question is if we have a couple of more days like today ... we may miss the move down. I had rather wait until the money flow indicator has cycled back up before moving in on QID or TZA ... the only downside is that we may be buying at a higher price. Thursday a week ago looks to be the day one should have shorted.

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