Monday, October 26, 2009

Stock Market Update - October 26, 2009

Everything has bottomed on the hourly chart ... the money flow (blue line), price indicator (green line) ... including the tick data measure ... graph just below price. All this tells me we may see some strength in price ... I do not know how long its going to last if we do.

As for the daily market everything is still pointed down at this point on all the indicators including price ... this leads me to believe we should still see some kind of weakness ahead. We did have a money outflow today on the broader market and the NYSE posted an 87% down volume day. Bu the market is going to follow ....

... the DOLLAR. Today was a major push up ... this will be interesting to watch. If you think the dollar has more room to move up then you should think about shorting gold, silver, equity indexes and oil.

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